Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What is it about me and modes of transportation?

I forgot the part on Sunday in Montreal where, after finding out I wouldn't be able to have dinner with Mark and telling my grandmother that I'd be back home in about half an hour, I waited a full hour for the Papineau bus. Having taken the métro (subway) from downtown over to Papineau station, I decided instead of walking the 20-minute walk home to my grandmother's that I'd take the bus up Papineau. I was exhausted from all the shopping. It was 6:55 and I'd just missed the 6:54 bus. The 7:11 bus never came, nor did the 7:29 bus. The 7:48 bus was late. It was a fitting end to the weekend. ;)

Now after a day and a half at home, I am in Toronto until Friday night. Took the overnight bus last night, which was late. Whatever it is with my luck these days, I must leave Canada soon in an attempt to leave it behind!!! The bus leaves first from Montreal (coincidence? perhaps not!), then comes to Ottawa and on to Toronto. There was apparently a delay on the Montreal end. We were supposed to leave at 12:30...and actually left only at 2:00 a.m.!

Couldn't get a window seat unfortunately (it turns out there are other crazy people besides myself who take overnight busses), but I was lucky enough to sit in the area reserved for wheelchairs (none on our bus) and so was blessed with a HUGE amount of leg room. Kinda made up for the four-seater on Monday's train, I guess. Slept maybe 3 hours in total on the ride down. Got in to T.O. at 6:40 (supposed to be 5:55, so we'd made up some time somewhere along the way). My brother picked me up at the subway station, and then I fell asleep on my parents' bed (my dad was already up but my mom was trying to sleep, and I'd gone in to talk to her) for the rest of the morning till about noon.

No plans today - I'd wanted to go visit my aunt but we were short a car. Around 2:30 we had a tremendous thunder and lightning and hail storm - I couldn't even see to the back of our backyard. Mom, it turns out, was on the road in the midst of all this (she'd gone out earlier to do errands), but was smart and pulled into a parking lot rather than try to continue driving.

The Toronto Agenda:

Tonight, no plans.

Tomorrow, I go to Hamilton to visit Jen and Allison so that Jen and I may test the ability of a 6-month-old in enduring a lunch-and-shopping outing.

Tomorrow evening, no plans.

Friday afternoon, my dad's cousin Marion arrives for the long weekend, and I plan on going shopping downtown (MEC and Eaton Centre).

Friday evening, no plans.

Friday at midnight, take the bus back to Ottawa (hopefully on time).

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Mark said...

JUlie! Mark here, en France. In my rush to leave, I never managed to organize my email contacts - send me a note: (I realize how busy you must be, take your time).