Thursday, June 22, 2006

Update: Ruminations...

I forgot to mention the unscheduled part of the evening where I ended up walking to the bus station twice in a row, once to buy my ticket to Toronto and once to change the ticket to Toronto (so I could get a cheaper price because I'm a nob and didn't do that the first time I was there), and then all the way over to the Royal Oak on Laurier - which is a freakin' long walk! I might add - to have the aforementioned drinks with friends (which, incidentally, also included dinner since between the two walks to the bus station, and my misunderstanding that Randal was not going to the Market but in fact to Hartmans (the regular grocery store) to buy food and snacks, there was no "surprise dinner" after all despite my claims to the contrary).

All of which, I feel compelled to add, combine to make one really, really long sentence.

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