Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Tuesday's child is fair of face...

My fourth-last day of work is going well, despite last night's crushing defeat. The news of the day (thus far) is that I finally got an email from my JET predecessor at Gifukita. Apparently they are going to have to find me a new apartment in Gifu City since the current JET lives in one that is fairly far away (she spent her first year teaching at a different school but was transferred in her second year (last year) when that school closed due to declining enrolment; however, she did not change apartments), and Randal's apartment, while nice and large, was also a little far (fine to visit; less fine to commute daily). So unfortunately that probably means I won't be able to have pictures of my Japanese apartment until I actually get over there. But my predecessor (Michelle) is going to write me back with lots of information on Gifu (the city and the school), plus I may be able to buy or take over much of her things, which translates into less start-up costs. And she's also Canadian, from what I can tell. So all is well.

Still remaining on today's schedule:
Work till 4:00.
Shop till 5:30.
Eat sushi for dinner.
Japanese class at 6:30.

Not bad for a Day 4.


Rebecca said...

*whew!* One less thing to worry about!

Waterlily said...

Good luck with tomorrow. I hope your Wednesday won't be full of woe.