Monday, June 19, 2006

Monday, Monday

Since this is my last week of work at the university, I've decided to share snippets of each of my day. Not necessarily my workday - it's really not always that interesting (at least to non-librarians) - but just my day generally.

Walking to work was nearly beheaded by a low-flying pigeon grasping a sharp pointy stick. Randal says I am paranoid (I don't like birds, little flying demons with razorsharp, needlelike beaks and claws) but this pigeon did come very close. He had this grim, determined look in his eyes, like he was thinking, "Must. Get. Stick. Home. Before. It's. Too. Late." (He swooped down from one building on campus, crossed the street, and then flew up to a perch on another one.) After collecting my shattered sense of bird-safety off the ground, I couldn't help laughing. The pigeon made me think of Rion when he's got a sock, or some other such contraband, in his mouth and he's determined to hang on to it against all odds. In the way that Rion perceives the whole world to be against his possession of socks, so too did the pigeon clearly indicate its determination that, no matter how much I might disapprove, he was NOT going to let anything come between him and his stick.

Not that I was going to get in his way, of course. Not in a million years.

Remember the Goodfeathers in the Animaniacs cartoon show? Now those were birds I dug.

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Waterlily said...

It's the dinosaur DNA in birds, that makes them go for you, you tasty hors-d'oeuvre, you!