Thursday, June 08, 2006

Of shoes and ... ladies' undergarments

Everyone is afraid of turning into their parents, right? I already divulged how I am slowly becoming my father. But I am afraid to say that every once in a while, my mother does something that I understand ALL TOO WELL, and it freaks me out to think that I might be slowly turning into my mother.*

Case in point: I spared you all last week's emotional and torrid story of the Bad, Bad Shoe Store. Suffice it to say, I bought a pair of shoes and was assured I could return them no problem if necessary. Unable to do so myself in Toronto, I arranged for my mother to return them, giving her my card number. The store*** would not refund the money to my card, since it was not present (I know that is generally the rule for purchases, but I've never heard of it being applied so inflexibly to returns - like I'm going to dispute the validity of an extra $90 being returned to my Mastercard). They allegedly needed the card in order to prevent fraud. Not the end of the story. After speaking to me numerous times and telling me she could make an exception to this policy, the manager then finally decided (without speaking to me) that this exception could not in fact be made, but that she saw no problem refunding the money to my mother directly, on her credit card (never mind the argument that this second card was never involved in the original transaction and belonged to a completely different cardholder - fraud-prevention my a%$). I'm not a finance genius, but even I see the problem inherent in this "solution". There is an idiot born every minute.

Anyway, long story short (too late?), today I received a cheque from my mom for the refund.

All of this a rambling story to share what I thought was a funny, funny card (likely just a product of my warped sense of humour):

My dear Julie,

      Here it is, the One and Only Shoe Refund! May it bring you more joy and happiness than the pair of shoes did. It will also bring Balance into your accounting system.


ps: on my way out of the Promenade thru Sears, I saw some PINK underwear (panties) and bought 3. At the cash register, I found out they were 30% off! So your shoe refund brought me LUCK! :)

I'm still laughing.

* Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.**

**Hi, Mom! Love you! :)

*** Not to name any names, but beware the Feet First store at the Promenade Mall in Thornhill.


Waterlily said...

Sorry to take exception to one little possessive pronoun*, but the funny funny card was the product of MY warped sense of humour (which I have handed down to you, he he). Anyways, glad you liked it!
And I still don't understand what I did that you understand ALL TOO WELL (buy pink undies?)
The fact is that daughters don't turn into their mothers, it's the other way around: mothers live on through their daughters, even after they are gone. Now isn't THAT scary?
*I love you too! :)

julie said...

it was more the fact that the whole Nasty Shoe Fiasco was instantly righted by the appearance and necessary purchase of pink underwear. Not white, not beige, not blue ... but PINK. :)

btw, thanks for the cheque :)