Wednesday, June 21, 2006

More ruminations on my fair-feathered friends

This afternoon I went to get coffee at Timothy's on Laurier with a girl I know who works in the career counseling centre at the law school. And as we sat down on the patio for a quick cuppa, a little bird (a sparrow, I believe) swooped down and perched on the edge of our table. He was kinda cute, though I was too distracted by his sharp pointy beak and deadly looking clawed feet to notice. As I cowered in fear, Stacy said, "Ack! Shoo!" and gave a few half-hearted attempts to swat him away. It worked though and he flew off to someone else's table. This is when I learned that I am not a freak in that I am afraid of birds - Stacy is also quite fearful of them and agrees that although they can be cute, there is something inherently frightening about them. Well, unfortunately for us, the Timothy's patio is a popular gathering-point for birds - mostly sparrows, thankfully, so we were able to enjoy our break without too much bird-related stress.

On the other hand, on my way in this morning, right across from the law school, a pigeon took flight and was flying straight for my face - I had to duck to avoid him. Good thing I'm done work in two days - this workplace is obviously getting much too dangerous for me to stick around.

Also achieved today:

Timetable figured out and airline tickets booked for upcoming trip to Vancouver-Winnipeg-Toronto.
Two loads of laundry currently in the washer.

Upcoming excitement for the night:

Two loads of laundry to be transferred to the dryer.
Folding of aforementioned loads.
Dinner surprise that Randal is bringing home from the Market.
Excursion to Greyhound station to buy ticket to Toronto for next week.
Drinks at 8:00 with JET folk.

What can I say? I'm a social butterfly and a busy beaver rolled into one special Julie package.

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Rebecca said...

W00T! You got the tickets figured out! Thank heavens!

Now I'm off to try cooking with extra firm herbed tofu. Wish me luck!