Thursday, June 22, 2006

Almost as good as Hitchcock...

In further Close Encounters of the Winged Kind, today at lunch I met up with my friend Jennifer on the spur of the mo', and we got hotdogs from the guy who sells them on the edge of campus along Laurier. We sat on the steps of one of the university buildings while savouring our street meat. And were promptly joined by a number of birds, mostly sparrows again, who wanted to partake in the feast. Of particular note was one plucky little fellow who plunked himself down on the ground no more than a foot away from me. He kept a keen eye on my hotdog for a few moments. He then proceeded to engage in the most extreme display of chest-puffing out his chest and causing his feathers to ruffle all around him. If it is possible to be horrified and amused all at the same time, then I was. Jennifer remarked that he was probably used to people oohing and ahhing over his cuteness and then having people feed him bits of hotdog. But let me tell you, that hotdog went entirely into my gullet and no one else's.

I spent a chunk of the rest of the afternoon talking and giving computer technical advice to Josephine, a friend of mine from the law school here who I also know from Dalhousie, and then searching for a missing issue of the Supreme Court Law Review. (I found it.)

Tonight's agenda:
Get rid of nasty headache plaguing me since 3:30 - DONE
Laundry (one load only) - ALMOST DONE
Take Rion for a walk - DONE
Wings with Cheryl & Glenn at St. Louis' - 7:10 (SOON! YIPES!)

And my friend Simon, who I went out with last night, couldn't understand why I have virtually no spare time between now and July 29...

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Waterlily said...

I hear there are no birds in Japan. Nope, not a one.