Wednesday, June 07, 2006

But that don't make it any less cool...

I have been advised by someone in my Japanese class, who lived in Japan for a year (and is actually also going as an ALT this year - hi Leah!), that virtually every apartment in Japan comes with a little tiny washer, and so this aspect of my contract is not out of the ordinary.

This doesn't make me any less excited and, dare I say it, giddy at the prospect of my very own washing machine :)

Though I've also been warned that it will come equipped with 17 different buttons, all neatly labelled in kanji, and that one of my first tasks upon arrival will be finding a kind neighbour (or asking my supervisor) who can show me which button does what ... as well as how to use the 11 buttons on my toilet, the 6 buttons on my water heater in the shower, and the proper way to lay out a futon. If nothing else, I shall return someday to Canada a better-informed person all around.

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Waterlily said...

Ahhh... a mini-washer of your very own, well worth the move to Japan. Hey, wait a minute! didn't you have a nice big Maytag washer AND dryer, shared only with parents and brothers, for all those years that you lived at home? I should have relabeled the dials in a foreign language, just for you.
Why does the toilet need 11 buttons? I think I want one of those.