Monday, June 05, 2006

My whereabouts in about 57 days*

So we got two mysterious letters in the mail today from Japan. And while we have been waiting for this information for a while, we took our time opening them. (In fact, although we only picked them up today, we had in fact received our notices from the post office in our mailbox on Friday and then forgotten to go Saturday to pick them up. What can I say? We're beyond keen.) We picked up our letters, did some groceries, went home, put the groceries away, then I sorted some laundry (which I never ended up doing), then I went to the gym, then Randal made dinner and we ate, then I watched the entire hockey game (grrrr, what a lousy game - the Oilers lost on a terrible hard-luck goal with only 30 seconds left in the game) and he played a videogame. And then, only at about 11:00 p.m. tonight, we decided to open them.

I have been posted to Gifukita SHS (senior high school) as an ALT (assistant language teacher). Only problem is, I don't know what city Gifukita SHS is located in. Now, using my wise powers of deduction, I figure it is probably located somewhere in or around Gifu City itself. I have a web address for the school - there are some lovely photos of the little churdlin - but please, if your Japanese is better than mine, maybe you can tell me exactly where Gifukita is located.

I will make further inquiries with my Japanese contacts (Fumiyo at Algonquin, Rebecca B. and Hiromi at JET, and Kozo in Japan) and report back in due course.

Though just as an addendum, I feel compelled to report that according to the terms of my contract, I will be provided with a fridge and...a washing machine!!! I'm so excited.

* I am expected to report to Gifukita, if I ever figure out where it is, on August 2. No separate Countdown Clock necessary.

Oh, and Randal is in another senior high school - can't remember the name now but it starts with "M" - and his school's page is also in Japanese but it included a link to a map that we assume is showing us the location of the school (though it's entirely not clear) and it seems to be somewhere just outside the main city itself.

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