Saturday, February 24, 2007

Two years in the making...

For the bibliophiles in my readership, you probably already know that about two years ago, I started a second blog with reviews of all the books I was reading. I am pleased to announce that two years later, I actually have reviews of every book up! This means I might actually be able to start reviewing them now shortly after I finish them.

pixxiefish in the stacks

In other news, while it might look like I haven't done a lot of posting here this month, I've actually been doing a lot of background stuff. I added labels to every post, both here and in the stacks. I made some small Template changes (nothing earth-shattering or indeed very interesting, so I'll spare the details). I also have been hard at work updating my Library Thing site, which is my newest favourite toy, and, of course, putting up oodles of pictures on Flickr for you to enjoy. I spend Thursday nights drinking beer and knitting with some other girls downtown. I went to a doll-making class about two weeks ago, and really ought to put up pictures of my doll for you to all enjoy. There have also been two abortive trips to Nagoya (one ended in downtown Gifu instead, and the other never left the house), as well as Osaka (that was downgraded into Nagoya, which in turn was downgraded as mentioned above). I've barely even been out to Kitagata this month to visit Randal! God, what have I been doing with my time all month???

The weather here is getting nice. We are probably too late in the year now to do any snowboarding (though Randal may still try one day). There was virtually no snow. I have almost permanently stopped wearing my momohiki for the year. I had my balcony door open all afternoon yesterday to get some fresh air in here. But I will keep the long underwear handy, however, and not get too revved up about open windows, as we are in the process of planning a trip north to Hokkaido in mid-March (heads up, Homies!) during Spring Break; if, that is, we can actually make it past the Gifu JR station this time. :)

And now, I must stop procrastinating (you all knew that this was what this was really about, right?). I must go clean my bathroom, take a shower, eat some breakfast (yes, at 2:00 in the afternoon) and finish my Japanese language test for the month. (I have over halfway to go still, and I don't understand a thing. In fact, I haven't looked at it in almost 3 weeks, and I don't even remember what I'm supposed to have learned this time 'round!)

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