Saturday, February 03, 2007

It's official.

La décision finale

We have joined the not-so-exclusive club known as One-Year JETs.

We almost recontracted. We agonized all last weekend over whether we should recontract or not. I handed in my form saying "no" on Monday. My school was disappointed. So was I, to be honest. Then Randal and I almost asked to have our forms back (he handed his in on Tuesday) so we could change our answer. But, in the end, we chose not to. We like Gifu alright; our schools are good and the job is somewhat enjoyable (more for him than for me - I feel slightly unfulfilled with the job here, despite being well-used). But there was just no way we could commit to another 18 months here (6 remaining on our current contract, then another year's worth).

We're not 100% sure we're coming straight home yet - we might try a few months of living in Tokyo or elsewhere - but I'll keep you posted as to when those welcome-back parties should be planned.


Waterlily said...

YAY! I'll start working on those welcome-home-shepherd's-pies right away.

julie said...

Sweet! You have an OVEN you can bake Shepherd's Pie in??? Scrap the remaining 6 months; I'm coming home next week! Do you also have central heating, insulation, and a bed that I don't have to pick up off the floor every morning? And what about vegetables? Do you have those too???

Waterlily said...

Vegetables? Good grief, are you having trouble with those too? Whatever happened to Japanese Radish?

julie said...

PICKLED. They pickle everything here. *shudder*