Sunday, February 25, 2007

I just can't help myself...

Since I haven't raised the topic in a while (yesterday's mention-in-passing doesn't count), and as I note the Ottawa webcam Ottawa shows still much snow on the ground,* I feel compelled to inform you all of the weather here in Gifu for the week. The JMA doesn't list Gifu itself, but being only 30km north or so of Nagoya, I figure their weather is a good bet for us (we being all on the same floodplain).

I can't unfortunately copy the information with its pretty pictures (sunny sunny sunny) directly here, but the gist of it is as follows:

Mon: low of 4, high of 15
Tues: low of 4, high of 14
Wed: low of 4, high of 11
Thurs: low of 0, high of 13
Fri: low of 2, high of 16
Sat: low of 6, high of 16
Sun: low of 7, high of 17

Those kinds of temperatures, at this time of year, just strike me as stupid. Stupidly good.

Now if they could only do something about the food here,** I'd stay forever.

* I also haven't taunted Elliott about it in a while. But, since I may be going to visit him soon, I will be nice and not mention the utter and complete lack of anything resembling a winter here this year.

** And shoes. I need to find shoes in my size. That goes for pants, too, and blouses.**


Erin said...

It's supposed to go up to 19 here this week. Pretty soon I'm going to need the air conditioner again... *sob*

Eriotto said...

It was -21 here one night last week. I hate, abhor, despise, abominate, detest, denounce, execrate, and loathe you both.