Thursday, April 05, 2007

I went to Hokkaido, and all I got was this lousy cold.

In Hokkaido's defence, however, I think I actually got the cold from Randal, and he was sick prior to our leaving for Hokkaido, thus making the cold in fact a Gifu Cold. At any rate, my head and throat hurts from coughing all day. Poor me. Pity me. PITY ME.

I stayed home today, and spent the first part of the day sleeping (till 12:45 - how nice!) then the second part of the day aimlessly on the web (chatting online with my brother and my mother, emailing Randal, etc.). Coughing and generally being miserable too. Only this evening did I turn my attention to the dearth of photos from Hokkaido on my flickr site. Well, dearth there is no more. Though I noticed that it is perhaps arguable whether I was actually in Hokkaido at all, since I have not yet had a chance to raid Randal's photos and thus there is a distinct lack of photographic proof of my presence in that fair land.

At any rate, if the absence of my beautiful smiling mug has not turned you off altogether, you are most welcome to view my set here.

In the meantime, I must go off and find a small, dark corner somewhere where I can die in peace.

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Waterlily said...

Poor, poor sick puppy. Never a sadder tale have I heard. My heart bleeds for you, and my nose runs for you too, and my phlegmy cough....