Friday, April 20, 2007

Finally, photographic genius

Though my propensity to post a thousand-and-one photos on Flickr might suggest to some that I think otherwise, I know full well that I am not a particularly adept photographer. The vast majority of them, while nice, fall far short of breathtaking.

While going through photos from recent trips (there have been quite a few, and yes, I know I'm horribly behind on updating about them), however, I took a double-take at this one. On April 8, we went to nearby Inuyama ("Dog Mountain"), a castle town, which was having a festival. The cherry blossoms were also at their loveliest. But at one point, I turned my back on the sakura, and snapped a picture of some people sitting on the riverbank in the mid-spring sunshine.

Inuyama Riverside

I won't quit my day job just yet (though I sure want to some days), but I want to take more pictures like this one.

The rest of my photos (from South Korea, Inuyama, and Takayama, amongst others), though not as perfect as this one, will hopefully follow in the next little while. That loosely-worded promise complicated by the fact that we are going to Kyushu, the southern island of "mainland" Japan (ie., not Okinawa) in just about a week. Which means more delays, and - horrors - more photos. I'm never going to catch up.


Mark Reynolds said...

That is a nice photo - a good combination of diagnal (river) and horizonal lines (the bridge).

Waterlily said...

Yes it's a very good photo, and full of puzzles: why are there cottages on each pilon of the brige? what's that sheer curtain over the hydro poles? what about the hull of a boat over the bridge? are the specks on the water birds? ducks? what are the pock-marks on the earth formations where the people are picnicking? don't they see the lion hiding in the yellow grasses? what about that giant gerbil near the water's edge?

julie said...

Mark, thanks for speedy response to my fishing expedition.

Waterlily, some fine questions. The cottages on the bridge - no idea. Sheer curtain over hydro poles - not hydro poles. It is a large netted-off area where you can go to practice your golf swing. Very popular here. Hull of a boat - no idea. Specks on the water - clean your monitor. pock-marks on the earth - unconcreted (ie, natural) riverbank. As for the lion and gerbil, I think the appropriate response would be "no". Or maybe "yes". In Japan, they often mean the same thing, anyway.