Saturday, April 28, 2007

"Happy BIRTH-day, dear Mommy..."

It's my Mom's birthday!

My mom is 59 today. She has one more year before she will stop riding for free as a Senior's Companion with my dad on VIA Rail. Then she also becomes, well, I'll save that for next year's blog post :)

In honour of your birthday, Mom, I give you your Celebrity Look-Alikes:

Yeah, I don't know who most of them are either. But all 9 of you are beautiful! And Liza Minelli - that's pretty cool!

Here's me:

Apparently MyHeritage disagrees with 99.99% of the population and does not think we look alike, or at least that the celebrities that look like us do not look alike.

Warning: I plan on pushing the "I resemble Scarlett Johanssen" line as much as I can from now on. Sweet! On the other hand, let us never mention the fact that I also apparently resemble one of the Olsen twins.


Waterlily said...

Thank you! although I think that Julie meant to say 39, not 59.

jerome said...

That's pretty neat!

Mine includes Burt Reynolds, Roy Orbison, David Letterman, Susan Sarandon and (not surprisingly) Harold Ramis.

Happy 39th birthday, Waterlily!

robert said...

At least you can take solice in the knowledge that you only resemble one of the Olsen twins.