Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Book-reading admissions

1. A History of Western Science has fallen behind one of my bookcases (is that ironic?) and I have been too lazy to retrieve it.

2. Puppies for Dummies and Dog Training for Dummies are both on the backburner. This is not a reflection on their quality - they are both good books. But I've been reading other stuff. And the mere existence of my darling dog Rion in my life is more than an adequate reminder that I am far below the level of "Dummy" in terms of understanding dogs. (Actually, he's a very good dog.)

3. I went to Toronto this weekend by train, and read the entire August issue of National Geographic

4. I just accidentally published this post. Note to self: Do not hit the "Enter" key while updating the Title.

5. Yeah, about Item #4: I have also read most of the June (as listed) and July issues. But they are a pain to update as National Geographic does not always have a useable link to the cover. If you know of a better place I can get a copy of their cover, please let me know.

6. I have not finished Lord of the Rings yet, but really, what's the rush? I have the entire rest of my life to enjoy it.

7. As far as Item #6 is concerned, this weekend, also on the train, I read all of H.G. Wells' War of the Worlds, despite my announcement to the contrary. It was very good. I have the radio play (the Orson Wells version) on cassette-tape somewhere. I can't remember if I have read the book before. And I've decided that, barring late-night cheap movie rentals, the movie does not need to be viewed. (Or linked to, for that matter. This is as political as I get sometimes.)

8. I think that's it. But if I think of anything else, I'll let you know.

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