Wednesday, August 10, 2005

And now, another lame excuse...

So I got my laptop back and so far, it is working. But we'll see. And so, as promised, I went to write up a great blog about 30 min ago or so, and Blogger was unavailable! No, I'm not tech-savvy enough to do my blogging in a word document first. I prefer the crash-and-burn method (you know,the method by which I write an extremely witty blog entry in Blogger itself and then the computer I am using crashes before I have a chance to post - hasn't happened in a while, thankfully).

But now I'm tired and not in the mood ... So I shall leave you here, dear reader, until the next post, and I shall think of witty things to say next time while tinkering with my Flickr account (or playing Mall Tycoon - I haven't decided yet which is a more worthy waste of time).

p.s. Part of me is wanting to be entirely useful and figure out how to link the Flickr site to my blog. The other (larger) part of me is reverting to the diversions mentioned above instead, as likely Rebecca will give me the necessary info upon learning about my technological know-how deficiencies. I ask you, why do myself what someone else can explain to me in 12 words or less?

p.p.s. I have just become aware of the sound of thunder rolling from outdoors and Plan C is forming - it involves going to bed and, with any luck, watching a storm through the window.


Rebecca said...


To post a picture on your blog:
1. Click on the picture you want to post.
2. Above it will be several options, including one that says "All Sizes." Click that.
3. Select "Small" or "Thumbnail"
4. Under where it says "To link to this photo on other websites you can either:" copy the code in the second box.
5. Paste it into the Blogger field, but in the HTML format tab.
6. Voila!

Now, if you're looking to post a link to your photos on your main page, there is an option on the first page called "Flickr Badge" - follow the instructions and it will give you the code to copy and paste into your template.

Don't worry - I had to phone my sister to walk my through it :)

julie said...

thanks man - you're the best! I knew you'd have an answer for me. Well, I will try it and all shall (eventually) see the results hopefully on this page in the not-so-distant future! :)

Rebecca said...

Good luck to thee!