Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Gratuitous post, just because I can...

It is time to get off the computer (I've been doing some work from home this evening as I had to leave early today for an appointment) and set me down with a tuna-melt sandwich and read. In other words:

It is time to get through The Council of Elrond.

I stopped reading Lord of the Rings about 1 1/2 weeks ago because, well, that's a darn long chapter and I hate having to interrupt chapters partway through. I just haven't had a chunk of free time long enough to tackle it. (For the record, yes, I have read LOTR before.) But now, it is time. Especially since War of the Worlds is coming out soon, and while I can't stand Tom Cruise as a general rule, I'm going to have to see it, but first, I have to re-read the book* (it's a rule I have about GOOD BOOKS that are made into movies). But reading LOTR and WotW at the same time would just be wrong. I'm sure Rebecca would agree (the Queen of Multiple, Simultaneous Texts - I don't know how she does it).

In other news, I had an interesting meeting today with people from my soon-to-begin new job (not yet announced - I'm waiting for Day #1). And it looks like, if I play my cards right, I might be able to get my hands on some copyright work - very exciting! (Yes, I am a nerd.)

* Random complaint: If you type in "war of the worlds" (with NO quotes, mind you) to the search engine at Chapters, you get lots of hits but NOT the obvious choice by H.G. Wells classic. I demand smarter search engines that understand what I think! (God. I sound like a librarian already...)

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Rebecca said...

I don't get much sleep :)

And congrats on the new job!