Thursday, February 10, 2011

You Know What We Did Last Month? (#2)

January 15, 2011

We climbed up and into some really old pyramids. I mean, really, really old. This is the so-called "Bent Pyramid". It dates back to about 2600 B.C., during the reign of the pharaoh Sneferu, and is one of the earlier pyramids. It's "bent" because they realized partway through that the angle was wrong and had to be changed. It was too steep initially. It was built at 55 degrees but partway through was changed to 43 degrees. A second, nearby pyramid (the "Red Pyramid") built shortly afterwards also by Sneferu was at 43 degrees.

Ironically (or maybe not), this is not actually one of the pyramids we climbed inside. It's not currently open to tourists.

I will start putting some pictures up this weekend. I promise.


Mark Reynolds said...

I'm confused - if it isn't open to tourists, how did you get inside? Did you just say "We're not tourists - merely curious passerby"?

julie said...

We climbed into some of them, but as I said here, we didn't actually climb into this particular one...just some others...I have pics of those, too! Which I will post eventually!