Wednesday, February 09, 2011

3 Views of Snowstorm, Orléans


Normal exposure levels:
February 9, 2011

Exposure changed to make photo darker than original. I love the gloomy, sombre look of this:
February 9, 2011

Exposure changed to make photo brighter than original. I like the mid-snowstorm effect this gives (and it was snowing, so not so far from actual!):
February 9, 2011

Obviously if I did this kind of tinkering on all my photos, I would never get anything posted. But here, I think the two alternate versions are both more interesting than the original (which isn't bad, though a little grey and dull). What do you think about this kind of digital alteration? I'm not taking anything out or adding anything, but it certainly does change the mood of the scene. Cheating, or no?


Mark Reynolds said...

I don't mess much with my own photos, largely because I'm no damn good at it. That said, I like the middle one - it makes the pool of light (parking lot? basketball court) look almost like it's floating.

julie said...

Yeah, me too. (On both your counts above.) The pool of light is a basketball court that is currently a skating rink. Just on the other side of it is my street, and my house is just a bit farther (just out of the reach of the bright light, thankfully). This is the park I walk through every evening to get home from the bus stop. We love our tranquil neighbourhood.