Monday, February 21, 2011

Definition: "some"

My mom used to be a big knitter, but has not done so in over 25 years. She came to visit me this weekend, and a couple of days before coming, she asked me, "I have some old knitting needles - do you want me to bring them?"

"Sure!", I replied. "Plus any interesting yarn you might still have kicking around."

February 21, 2011

...Apparently her definition of "some" is not the same as my definition of "some". That's a TRUCKLOAD of knitting needles. There's got to be at least 30 different pairs of straight needles in there, at least 10 sets of double-pointed, and a handful of circular needles, as well as a bunch of crochet hooks thrown in there for good luck. There's even a Mexican fiesta hat point protector! I feel like I have hit the knitting needle jackpot. Now if only someone could help me with all the knitting I want to do. So many needles, so little time...

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Waterlily said...

Definition of Some: relatively much, but unspecified in amount... unless we prefer to use "some" in its meaning of "remarkable".
"That's some scarf you knitted there!"
"That's some collection of needles!"