Friday, April 04, 2008

Fish on Fridays

Last night, I dreamt of codfish. I dreamt that I was suffering from a strange, slowly-debilitating, mysterious disease. The only cure, I knew, was codfish. But the cod stocks in Newfoundland had been overfished, and, ultimately, there just would be no cure for me. I woke up slightly when Randal came in the room. But I pretended to be more half-asleep than I really was, as I felt guilty that I was allowing him to continue to believe I would someday be cured, when I knew perfectly well that, without cod, I would remain sick for always.

In completely unrelated news, I've been battling the flu for 10 days now. I've been having trouble sleeping*, mostly due to a very bad cough, and have had traces of a fever on one or two occasions. Oh, also à propos of nothing whatsoever, I just started reading Mark Kurlansky's fascinating book on the history and politics of codfishing called, fittingly enough, Cod.

* A state of affairs quite extraordinary for me, as those of you who went to library school or (especially) law school with me can attest.


Waterlily said...

Yes, it's true. All through your school years, you were amazingly resistant to all the germs that reduced your brothers to snivelling messes. Never caught a cold. You could have your primeval essence distilled, bottled, and sold to make a fortune!

julie said...

Well, I was referring to the couldn't-sleep part, as I was NOTORIOUS at grad school for being asleep during most of the lectures. And now my secret is out of the bag.

Ladyjutea said...

Such a poignant dream! Like a scene from a cod-related soap opera. I would think of an appropriate title for this heartwrenching piece of daytime drama, but alas, I have no head for puns.