Monday, April 14, 2008

Limited time offer only!*

The 29 Items In My Refrigerator

A well-stocked fridge

This, and so much more, on Flickr. Be afraid. Be very, very afraid.

And yes, someday I will write a post that is longer than 3 sentences. I promise.

* OK, that's not true. The photos are in fact up for some time-frame possibly approximating (in today's Internet world) "forever".


Mark Reynolds said...

Looks like there's considerably more than 29 items in your fridge, too. Can't you tell the truth about anything?

Ladyjutea said...

You have so many pretty knick-knacks in your house! And colour on your walls! (^O^) I've been so deprived. *cue mournful violins* My parents always insisted on plain white walls with old black and white Korean paintings. Even those are in Wiarton now.