Friday, February 29, 2008

Last post ever.

On this laptop, that is. Fred has arrived, and will be picked up tonight on my way home from work.

Wait a minute! I'm still AT work!* So I'm not even blogging on the old laptop at the moment! That would make my last post, the last post ever on the old laptop, whereas this post now becomes a post about how the main statement of the post (that it's the last post ever) isn't even true!

Which, in a way, makes this also somewhat of a pointless post. Meh - I'll submit it anyway.***

* But done for the day, so don't worry - not blogging on company time.**

** Also: I'm slightly disturbed that I started this blog post from work as casually as if I were sitting at home in my jammies. That either means I really like my job and feel comfortable there, or I am at work so much that it feels like home. *shudder*

*** If nothing else, it will keep my fans happy, as it will add to the number of times I have posted this week. LOL


Anonymous said...

julie - can't find your email address anywhere...can you send it to me ...

Anonymous said...

Oh oh, this is NOT good. FRED arrives on February 29th and it is now March 6th and nothing, nada, not - not one little blog entry. Must be l-o-v-e. Keri (Wpg)