Saturday, February 23, 2008

Introducing the newest member of my family

This is Fred.

Fred is the newest member of the family, and we expect him to arrive sometime next week or early the following week (you can never be sure about these things). We looked everywhere for someone like Fred, and he's finally agreed to come to us all the way from Cornerbrook, NFLD.

I'm so excited I can barely wait. In anticipation of Fred's arrival, I bought a really cool carry-case, so I can take him around with me wherever I might choose. It isn't as interesting as Fred will be, nor does is it capable of doing as many things as Fred will be, but it has lots of zippers and pockets, and I can wear it as a handbag, over my shoulder, or like a backpack. Multi-purpose, and stylish to boot!


Ladyjutea said...

Ooooohh Aaaaahh~


julie said...

Meh - Fred changes name from time to time. Sometimes he is Fred, sometimes he is Admin, sometimes he is Chelsea, and sometimes he is merely My Precioussssss...