Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Yes, Mom, I do eat sometimes...

My mom complained recently that I don't post enough pictures of food.

So, just for you, Mom, this is what I ate for dinner tonight:

Tasty home cookin'
Chicken nuggets from the grocery store plus salmon and tuna sashimi. I made some rice and mixed in a red bean sauce thingy. I also steamed some green beans in the microwave. Some soya sauce and wasabi on the side, plus a glass of Coke to wash it all down. Three Oreo cookies (not pictured) for dessert. Mm-mm, good.

And now, for everyone's viewing pleasure, other random pictures from Julie's Food Files:

Yakiimo, the famous sweet potato. There is a truck that drives around my neighbourhood in the evenings, at a super-slow speed, playing a recording over and over of a slow, somewhat melancholy song, and I found out recently that this was the yakiimo truck. Japanese winter-time snack food. I didn't buy this from the truck however (I should at some point, though I hear it is pricey) - this particular sweet potato snack was made for me by one of the women at work.

Japanese fast food
Hungry, hungry hippo. Burgers from Johnny Burger (I think that was the name) in Hiroshima back in October.

Plastic food model from a designer with a sense of humour, from the plastic food model factory/shop in Gujo-Hachiman where we went in September.

Lunch in Gujo-Hachiman
Non-plastic food and model in Gujo-Hachiman.

Liquid diet
Oh wait. That's not food. This is me cozying up to the merchandise at the weird liquor store near my apartment.

I will endeavour to post more food pics periodically. Call it a New Year's resolution, if you will, or an empty promise with little chance of achievement - take your pic.


Waterlily said...

Wow I'm impressed. When I saw that first picture in your flickr, I thought that it was a cafeteria tray.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of sweet potato, today for school lunch we had udon and "daigakuimo". The schedule said 大学いも, and the first two kanji, "daigaku," are Japanese for "university". I asked why we were having "university sweet potato" and it sent the whole staff room into a flurry of apologies for not knowing why that was the case and for therefore not being able to explain it to me and for the effrontery of speaking a language that would have a word like that in the first place. So I told them that was OK and went back to my lunch. Good story, huh?

Freemount said...

I love, and lust after, that spilled ramen, but alas, the best plastic models were not for sale. Commissioned pieces, perhaps.

Adrik said...

ah... i see. thank you!! :D