Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Oishii desu ka?

The "Funniest. Blog. Posting. Ever. Award" goes, hands-down, to my pal Elliott in Hokkaido. If he's not digging himself out from underneath ten-foot tall snowfalls or playing yet another round of "Red Rover", he's battling giant, disgusting, slimy seafood.* Yuck.

* The guy has a M.Sc. in Mathematics, with a thesis on some obscure aspect of integers, but if you ask me, he has missed his true calling.


Jutea said...

I know what that means!!! *excited flailing*

Actually, my first Japanese conversation went something like this...

Glen: Something something something hi!
Judy: Hi!
Glen: Is it delicious?
Judy: Yes! It is delicious!
Glen: Does it have cream and sugar?
Judy: This is juice!
Glen: Oh, is it juice?

Eh? Eh? I'm a silly person.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Julie. I only hope none of your enkais turn out like mine did. That was horrible.

PS Integers? Pfffft.

PPS 美味しくなかったですよ。