Wednesday, September 20, 2006


tanjōbi = birthday

As in, getsu-yōbi wa ani no tanjōbi deshita.*

Today my brother Jerome turned 32-and-two-days.**

Happy Birthday, Jerome!

This auspicious occasion serves to underscore the fact that yours truly, in just over two months, will be turning...uh, 26. Yeeeeaahhh, that sounds about right. 26.

Jerome, your (actual) birthday was celebrated by me with a tasty tofu-and-rice meal with beer, and a mango pudding, from a lovely restaurant at the third-largest mall in Japan. All in all, it was a good day. Hope yours was too!

* I think my possessive is in the right order: my brother's birthday, and not my birthday's brother! If not, gomen nasai, and I leave it to Elliott to correct me if necessary. Getsu-yōbi, btw, is "Monday", which was my brother's actual birthday. Again, gomen nasai.

** Fact: I wouldn't be your sister if I wasn't a day or two late!!! :)

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Eriotto said...

Correct you? I wouldn't dream of it. Happy birthday to your brother.