Tuesday, September 12, 2006

New Pizza on the Blog

In order to celebrate my first evening with Internet-access-at-home, I decided to have some pizza that had been sitting in my freezer. (Who needs to go out when there's a whole world just waiting at your fingertips???)

The pizza:
2 or 3 kinds of cheese, basil and oil (in that little packet), and tomato sauce ... mmm-mmm, good! Now if only I could read the instructions on the back of the package ...

The problem:

WIDE???? Alas, reports of the toaster oven's wideness were greatly exaggerated.

The solution:

8 years of university and graduate school finally paid off...

Pizza dinner!

(The other two pieces are still toasting.)

Mandatory inedible:

A staple in so much Japanese packaged food, the mandatory do-not-eat packet. At least this one is marked in English. They aren't always, and it's difficult to tell "oxygen absorber" and yummy sprinkles apart, let me tell you.

The satisfied consumer:

Satiated and pizzafied.*

* It's my own blog, and I write and post what I want, so can someone please tell me why I felt compelled to post such an unflattering picture of myself? (My first attempt at "self-portrait", but since I can't flip my screen around to see what I actually look like while I take it, it may also be my last attempt.)


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Bill said...

We knew you could do it.

Waterlily said...

It's good to know that 8 years of university and grad school were not totally wasted.