Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Oh yeah, baby ...

So I was looking at the CBC website today and decided to check up on Feedback comments to the Childs story to see if CBC had bothered posting my reply and/or implementing any of my suggestions.

It took me forever to find that particular Feedback section of CBC’s website for some reason (I ended up having to do a search on the site for "Childs"), but I notice that the letter from Denise in B.C. that pissed me off so greatly has now been edited down to one paragraph from two, removing entirely the second paragraph that read, in part, "the young woman was old enough to realize that she was driving with an impaired person". Huzzah! I wonder if I should write CBC to thank them - as I told them it was nothing short of irresponsible for them to post something so blatantly inaccurate, and I generally admire the CBC so don't like to see it fall short of the bar.

There was nothing on my desire that they clarify that court decisions are, in fact, available to the public but, well, one outta two ain’t bad.

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