Wednesday, May 03, 2006

50 ways to say "rice"...

...and here are 4 of them:

kome = uncooked rice
genmai = unpolished rice (brown rice)
shinmai = newly cultivated rice (also the word used to refer to a new employee at an organization - soon that will be me!)

and the most important one:
gohan = steamed rice, and also the word which refers to all food or meals generally

Tune in again next week. I just got confirmation that Japanese classes at Algonquin are a "go" (we have at least 7 people enrolled, which is the minimum - yay!). Those start next Tuesday, plus JET orientations start next Wednesday, so who knows HOW many new words I may learn in the next little while?!?!? Madness!!! :)


Waterlily said...

JET orientation? I thought the pilot did that.

julie said...

if you were the detailed reader of my blog that I've been led to believe, Waterlily, you would have followed up on one or two of my previous postings where I have Japan items linked, and realized that JET is the name of the government programme with which I am going overseas to teach.