Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers' Day!

Profile of a Mother

Real Name: Lilian L.

Code Name: Mom

D.O.B.: 1974, with the birth of eldest son J---. Added to the package soon thereafter with daughter J--- in 1976, and capped the whole off with second son R--- in 1982.

Claim to fame: Champion Ladybug marathoner, ca. 1983-1990. If nothing else, this lady knows her vegetables. Where the words "Japanese radish" made the rest of us frightful, she boldly continued on.

Favourite expression: "Jer- I mean, Ty- I mean, Pee- I mean, Robert!"

Runner-up expression: "Hmmmm, should I get lum-ber, or ore???"

Usually seen: Trying to get you to watch her latest Memory CD of photos.

Where she wishes she was: On a tropical island somewhere, snorkelling or reading in a hammock in the shade.

Point of pride: Learning to swim only about six years ago, so that she could then learn to scuba-dive (which she also did!).

Weirdest moment: When one of her children (who shall remain nameless) got his head caught in the cat carrier.

Proof she can be a "cool" mom: Not only letting R-- dye his hair blue at age 16 or 17, but in fact making an appointment at her hairdresser's for him so that it would be done properly.

Biggest mystery: She could have sworn she had a child named Jerrobert.

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