Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Weekend Round-up (and a look ahead)

Rebecca was in town visiting this weekend on her way around Ontario. (Honestly, she did have an endpoint in mind, but you wouldn't know it judging from that post of hers - poor fried brain!) Unfortunately, it poured rain most of the weekend, so we couldn't frolic on Parliament Hill with the Mounties like last time, but I am pleased to report we went shopping. I even got up early Sunday morning so we could go shopping again at Chapters before she left for lunch at her aunt's!

Purchased (by her):
1. tea (different flavours)
2. smelly soap from Lush
3. one pair of sensible brown dress shoes
4. two books (one biography, one cultural studies book)

Purchased (by me):
1. one pair of girly black sandals
2. one black, grey and white tweed purse
3. two books (one art book, one book of poetry)

It seems to me I'm missing something but really, that's not bad for a day's work.

Yesterday I had my Art History final exam, and I think I did all right on it, though not stellar by any means (I just wasn't in the mood to rack my brains for the names of old Renaissance paintings that inspired Manet's Le déjeuner sur l'herbe).* I also got back my paper on Norval Morrisseau and am pleased to report a 90% mark on it! That was nice.

Thursday we are leaving for Toronto for 4 days. A friend of ours is having a roving art gallery opening on Thursday night so we decided to go. Rion must stay home for the evening with the grandparents, however. Then we have 2 1/2 days free to roam the city and eat sushi till we burst! Because who knows when we will have a chance to eat sushi ever again... :)

I will try and update from the road.

* Argh. I just looked it up online and at least one of the paintings which inspired him was Giorgione's Concert Champêtre. I wrote down Concert Pastorale (which, ooh, I just Googled and it turns out they are alternate names for the same painting - one point, yay!), and couldn't remember the artist's name (though I knew it started with a "G" and I should have written that down too!), nor the other painting which inspired it (apparently Raphael's The Judgment of Paris). Possibly worse, I just realized that I named Concert Pastorale and then described Raphael's Judgment. Eek!


Waterlily said...

We'll be happy to look after Rion for you on Thursday, if you can't find any of the bitches or sires that produced the bitch and sire that produced him.

Rebecca said...

*gasp* Julie, your mom said "bitch"!

And you forgot to mention we played Katamari Damacacy (?) until the wee hours. Or at least, I played until midnight and you played until the wee hours :)

Waterlily said...

Rebecca: I said "poo" once (well, more than once). The kids had conniptions, couldn't understand why "I picked up the dog poo" got praise, but "My sister is full of poo" got you sent to your room.
To dog fanciers, bitch implies a compliment. To paraphrase Lord Byron, a bitch has "all the virtues of woman without her vices". He had a Newfoundland dog.

julie said...

and who said life was dull? I learn something new everyday! :)