Thursday, April 20, 2006


This week's Japanese Word is bōken, which means "adventure". It's also just an excuse to post the text of my final speech for my Japanese class, which finished about a month ago. Thankfully, I was able to find the copy of the text that was corrected by my teacher, so all the hard-core Japanese out there will not have to suffer through my sad attempt at particle and verb conjugation. Simultaneous English translations. Plus I've decided to be fancy and post the accompanying photos too!

Bōken no Kyōto
Adventure in Kyoto

Watashi wa Kyōto ni ototoshi yokka taizai shimashita.
The year before last, I went to Kyoto to visit for eight days.

Tomodachi wa Okayama de sensei o shiteitta, hōmon suru ni tassurimashita.
My friend who was teaching in Okayama, came to visit me.

O-tera o takusan tazunemashita, soshite yama e haikingu ni ikimashita.
We visited many temples, and then we went hiking in the hills.

Subete no saīn wa Nihon-go deshita, ga watashitachi wa Nihon-go no yomikata ga dekimasen deshita!
All the signs were in Japanese, but we couldn't read Japanese!

San-jikan michi ni mayoimashita ...
We were lost for three hours ...

Futsuka kan wa ashi ga itakatta desu, watashi wa tsukaremashita.
For the next two days, my feet were very sore, and I was tired.

Ga, yakakatta desu!
But it was fun!

Nihon to Kyōto ni mata kotoshi ikitai desu.
I want to go, this year, to Japan and Kyoto again.

And now I will be!!! (Well, at least to Japan. I still have my fingers crossed that I'll be placed in or near Kyoto. We'll know by mid-May.)

If you want to see more photos of Japan, and other such exotic places, go to my Flickr site. I couldn't post directly from there, for some reason.

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Waterlily said...

Wow, you really DO speak Japanese! I'm impressed.