Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sunday night shuffle-dance

I don' wanna clean my room,
I don' wanna clean my room,
I don' wanna clean my roo-oooo-oom,
and you can't make me!

This moment was brought to you by Julie Is Procrastinating Again Because Her Apartment Is A Disaster And She Don' Wanna Clean It Despite Her Promises To Do So All Weekend, a proud member of the Canadian Group of Guilt-and-Denial-Based Assocations.

And now, I must go re-alphabetize my collection of rare and exotic pixxie paraphernalia.


Rebecca said...

Where do I send my membership application? What's the fee structure, and how long is it good for?

julie said...

heheheh - Membership is free; however, you have to display a high level of commitment to the cause (best achieved through creative and extreme displays of procrastination). There will be spot-checks by members of the Association's executive. Also, yearly reports are required (but they actually encourage, though not openly, you to never actually file these, at least not on time).

Randal said...

and a two, and a three, and a...

*joins the shuffle*

Waterlily said...

I don't know about your room, but your blog looks much neater. Bugs are gone, "I musta been..." has re-appeared, the font looks different and... there's only one word for it. It looks cleaner!

julie said...

The gremlins were out to play, but now they've all gone home.

...Seriously, I had noticed those weird things too for a while. I didn't actually do anything, but now everything seems to be working tickety-boo! :)