Thursday, November 10, 2005

Happy 30th ...


It's my good friend Jen's 30th birthday today. How time flies. We first met each other in grade 8 (or "secondaire II" for those in the Quebec high school system know) in 1989 or 90, though apparently she was also in my French class the year before. We were 13. And now, she is 30! (And I am not - teehee!)

This is a picture of Jen and I from last year (September 3, 2004) at her wedding.* This year, just over a year later, on the occasion of her 30th birthday, I am pleased to say that Jen is extremely pregnant, from all reports (I last saw her in June or July when she looked less pregnant). She is due to give birth to a baby girl on January 1, 2006. You will all be sure to get the update as to whether or not she did manage to have the first New Year's baby!

* Added Nov.13: I am ashamed to say I wrote the wedding date was September 1st, 2004, when it was in fact the 3rd. My only excuse is that my brother's anniversary is on the 1st, so I just wrote a bit too quickly without thinking about it, but really: mea culpa. However, I did get Jen's birthday date correct, and she is still due to give birth on the first of January ... two outta three ain't so bad ...

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