Monday, July 04, 2005


Spent Canada Day weekend in Toronto. I know, I know - I live in Ottawa and should have stayed here. But many things colluded to make me leave (including the thought of multiple evenings during which I could have martinis at Insomnia - a fine way to celebrate Canada Day if you ask me). Much shopping. Clothes and books. BBQ at my cousins' place waaay north (East Gwillimbury, which is past Newmarket - egads!).

First day at new job. Reference librarian at the law faculty of one of our finer higher education establishments.

Made yummy chicken thighs, potatoes and green peppers for dinner tonight. Randal put his plate down on the coffee table and went to get his eyeglasses from the next room. I am sitting in the living room as well with my plate in front of me. Suddenly, before you could say "Jumpin' Jack Flash", the DOG had jumped up and stolen an entire piece of chicken. Swallowed in a second. This is his First Encounter with Actual People Food, and we are not impressed. However, it hasn't wreaked havoc on his digestive system yet so that's good. (I have also been in another room from the dog for the past hour or so, so I may stand to be corrected yet.) Keep in mind he is a tiny dog (mini Jack Russell) and it was a large piece of chicken.

And I don't like or trust George Bush. 'Nuff said.

Now I am tired, so I am going to bed.

* With apologies to Rebecca for having stolen one of her titles.


Rebecca said...

No prob :)

Egads! I read the first two paragraphs of the interview, and decided that I value my current peace and tranquility too much to read the rest. Jackass (is all I have to say).

Anonymous said...

Hey! How'd you find the Insomnia site? I looked all over the web (or so I thought) in vain. EXCELLENT. Now I know how to properly stock my bar. *ahem* ah, our bar. :D