Thursday, July 21, 2005

And now, for your edification......

I have always been a big Roald Dahl fan,* and recently was sent a link to a very excellent article on him. If only all reviews of authors and their work could be this good:

Why children love Roald Dahl's stories - and many adults don't
from The New Yorker

Once you're done reading that one, here is another excellent article recently sent to me (actually, I must thank Randal for both of these - I adore you and you spend too much time on the Internet, but I learn so much!), this time on the appeal of books and, especially, libraries that are full to the brim of 'em:

Stacks' Appeal
from The Chronicle of Higher Education

There will be a test on all this in seven days.

* I re-read Charlie and the Chocolate Factory recently. It would have shown up in my "Currently Reading" list but for the fact that it took me all of one hour to read...


Anonymous said...

Yo -- I just wanna throw a shout-out to JJ, Dog -- hey man, when you comin roun? I got ya numba. Word.

-- Freemount

Rebecca said...

Will it be an open book test? ;)

julie said...

Freemount, yer a freak. (But I still like ya.) Time for you to get a blog!!!

Rebecca, here's a heads-up: it will be 100 multiple-choice questions. Every answer is e) none of the above, except for #3, #37, #46, and #89 which will be, in order - pay attention now - all b).

ps. hey, if I can't post lame comments in response to comments posted on my blog, then what can I do? ...I think that's a rhetorical question.

Rebecca said...

You go, girl!