Saturday, June 05, 2010

What is this?

We received our organic box last night, and amongst other easily-identifiable fruits and veggies, there was this:

What is this?
What is this and how do we eat it?

It's roughly hand sized, squat, and ruffled around the edges.

What is this?

The listing for this week's box provides no additional clues, since I know what the items listed that I don't think we actually received (cauliflower? nope; lettuce? nope) look like.

What's worse/better, there are 4 of them.

What is this?

Any ideas? Even classifying it as a fruit or a veggie would be a start.


Rebecca said...

It's a type of squash, although I can't remember what it's called. My Google-fu tells me it might be a scallop squash.

julie said...

With the help of one of my other friends (on Flickr), and my obsessive playing of Farmville on Facebook (which, incidentally, I have since stopped), I have decided it is likely a pattypan squash. However, my Google-fu tells me scallop squash is pattypan squash. LOL.