Sunday, June 06, 2010

Orleans' Got Talent

I made a GIF of 7 pictures of Randal juggling.

randal juggling on Gickr
randal juggling, done on

Yeah, I could have just filmed it, but this was way more fun.


Anonymous said...

Very cool !! Keri

confi said...

haha -- very cute!

if you cropped each frame individually, you could have Randal remain in the center and it would be less jerky. :)
I made one of Judy on a swing a year or so ago..

julie said...

Thanks, Keri!
Confi, I hadn't planned on making a GIF. I was trying to get a picture, then when I played them back, I joked it was like a GIF. Maybe next time, if I'm planning to do so, I will go about it more properly. Also, I WANT TO SEE THE JUDY SWING!