Thursday, April 08, 2010

Ice, ice, baby

I was going to post this last week, in celebration of the decidedly balmy 27-degree weather we were going to have on Friday. But one thing led to another and I didn't get around to it. So now, in celebration of, uh, the cold and rainy weather we had today*, pixxiefish is now floating back in time to one day this January, when it was about minus-27, and Randal and I met after work to check out the ice sculptures at Winterlude / Bal de neige.

You can view the whole set, as usual, on Flickr. But here is a selection to whet your appetite.

Dragon Koi Japanese woman and crane Reindeer and Bigfoot

* I figure it's Mother Nature's way of poking fun at me for daring to remove, just this morning, my gloves and my armwarmers (thus far my crowning achievement in knitting; I should really take a picture of them and post it here) from my purse. Man, did I then ever go on to wish I was still lugging them around.

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