Wednesday, June 04, 2008

have library, will travel*

Email sent to me yesterday afternoon by Randal:

maybe there should be a whole tout industry attached to libraries the way hostels and guest houses have.

Hey where you going? I have nice book. Good quality.

Uh, I'm looking for The Rights of Refugees, 3rd edition.

Oh, that book burned up.


Big fire. Here. How about this?

That's a book on torts.

Yes, good book. Very nice, very niiice.

I laughed so hard, I almost choked on the grapes I was munching at the time. LMAO.

* I came thisclose to titling this post, à la Strasmark, "Conversations funnier to the people having them, an occasional series".


Mark Reynolds said...

While you're welcome to the post title, that was fairly amusing.

julie said...

As was yours at the time. I'm glad you "got it", so to speak - though, of course, you are a fellow traveler, albeit not to the Far East. I'm sure some areas of Europe get their fair share of "special price, just for you". Ahh, you gotta love it.

Mark Reynolds said...

I don't run across it too often, though recent ones include classical music touts bad-mouthing rival orchestra's lead violinists in Vienna, and a delightful ad for strip bars in Budapest ("Sexiest girls! Don't listen to unscrupulous cab drivers! We do not pay them!) The latter was on the official city tourism map. Bring the whole family!