Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Someday, I will show this to his girlfriend and embarrass him

Rion, in his shiny new raincoat, over top of his winter coat, complete with booties, ready for a walk on a rainy, but snow-covered January day:
Someday, I will show this to his girlfriend and embarrass him

Once I got the jacket on, however, I realized it was no longer raining, so off it came:
Looking more dignified

We've had weird weather here. I fear the Rideau Canal is not going to be able to open anytime soon. It was icy-cold and blustery and wintery through the last week of November and most of December - we had a number of really good winter storms - but the last few days in particular have been quite warm. It was 10 above yesterday, and today it's probably about 5 above. So everything is melting. Which might make some people happy, but it makes my dog sad because he really does like his little booties.*

If anyone is interested, I put up a few more pictures of the snow around our place over the past few weeks.

* OK, maybe "like" is a strong word. But he seems to appreciate what they are for. Before we got them, a few years back, walks outside lasted no longer than 5 minutes, because his paws would get too cold and he'd want to be carried. Now we can be outside for 15 minutes or even longer (on a semi-nice day). He loves to plow through deep, fluffy snow, his head down like a snowplough pushing through the layers. That doesn't work so well on days like today, when it is all slushy and half-ice and wet.


Mark Reynolds said...

Much as I think dog clothes look kind of silly, the boots are probably a good idea. When walking in the snow, my old dog would have to stop occasionally to remove snow packed between the pads of his paws. He'd do this with his teeth, flinging the snow lumps aside with some force - if he had lips, I'm sure he'd have been saying "ptooey" as he did so.

julie said...

I only believe in practical dog clothing. The winter coat and booties really do make a difference in terms of length of walk (Rion's a small dog and he gets cold fast). Haven't had a chance to test the raincoat yet, but you know - in the past, we skipped walks on rainy days because there's not much worse than a soaking wet dog. His underside will still get wet and muddy (I wish the jacket wrapped around like his winter coat does), but it will still beat not going out at all.

Freemount said...