Monday, January 07, 2008

A resolution or two...

So seeing as how it's the New Year, a good time to take stock of one's life, I thought about whether or not it was worth my while to make any resolutions. Is there any point in trying to improve perfection, I ask you?

But what could I possibly resolve? I couldn't resolve with a straight face that I'd start going to the gym, since I already am going to the gym, having taken out a membership at my local Goodlife back in early November. And I've been pretty good about going since then, with the exception of the past few weeks which were largely spent traveling here, there, and everywhere.[1] I in fact like going to the gym and I will go again. Tomorrow.[2]

Other ideas that crossed my mind were: travel to an exotic land, learn a new language, search out old friends now lost. But you know what? 2007 was a good year. I traveled to Japan and a myriad of other exotic Asian countries, I at least pretended that I was learning Japanese (that one could perhaps use a new resolution), and I reconnected with a bunch of folk from high school and elsewhere thanks to the wonders of Crack -er, Facebook. On a related note, I might take a trip to Quebec City later this year - that's pretty exotic.[3]

Some people resolve to get a better job. Well, seeing as how I've been unemployed for over 5 months now, I figure almost any job is a better job, if of course you subscribe to the silly notion that sitting around at home playing with the dog all day is not a job.[4] At any rate, I already belong to the best profession in the world, and couldn't ask for a whole lot more.[5]

I entertained the idea that I might give up, once and for all, procrastination. But, you see, I've worked it to somewhat the level of an art, and would feel bad giving it up now. Maybe next year.[6]

What else? I already cut my hair short (what? I didn't mention that?), learned to knit, take the dog for daily walks, read as many books and watch as many old(er) movies and play as many boardgames as I possibly can, and am in the process of memorizing all the words to all the ABBA songs ever recorded[7].

I decided, then, to make two simple resolutions:

1. I will drink lots of water, somewhere near the recommended 8 glasses if possible.
A weird resolution, I know, but something that is recommended time and time again by doctors and nutritionists and healthy people. I did it for a while a few years back and I felt great. But all too often, I spend my days nearly dehydrated. So look out toilet! I'm going to visit more often.[8]

2. I will learn to cook.
Of course, I know how to cook. I even enjoy cooking once I get down to it. However, my repertoire is rather, shall we say, limited. I have 7 different variations of pan-fried chicken[9], I can make mashed potatoes and rice[10], I am locally acknowledged as the maker of delicious hot dogs, and I did fry up two hamburgers the other night, but really, there's a wider world of food and cooking out there that I want to discover. I've had some really good cookbooks on my bookshelf the last few years, and I plan on using them. But I'm slow as molasses about getting anything ready, and I don't try new things. Maybe I will occasionally share some of the cooking successes (and/or disasters, since it's possible there may be more of those) on this site.

And on that note, since Randal had his first day back at work today, I'm going to look into making some dinner. I think I might try a soy-simmered chicken, though I note I have neither star anise or cinnamon sticks- Do people really keep those kinds of things in their kitchen on a regular basis? *sigh* I have so much to learn.

[1] Also known as Toronto three times and Winnipeg once.

[2] Or maybe the day after. I mean, today's almost over, which means tomorrow is almost here, which means I need tomorrow to do the things I was supposed to do today.

[3] There's been rumblings of a 15-year high school reunion back at QHS. 15 years? Yikes. I'm sure I'm not old enough to be attending that.

[4] 'Course, I don't get paid for it. I should really try to negotiate that.

[5] Someone actually pays me to sit around with books all day long, research interesting topics, help people find what they are looking for, and even teach. Well, when I'm actually employed, that is.

[6] It also occurred to me that such a resolution might entail the inclusion of timely updates of my blog and my photos on Flickr. I just can't espouse the adoption of a resolution that I am inevitably going to break, and in record time, too! But you know what? I'll try to be better.

[7] OK, that's not true. I in fact am fiercely proud of being, perhaps, the worst person in the world for singing along to songs for which I have absolutely no idea what any of the words are: "It had to be you, it had to be you, dee dee blah blah blah, something something blah blah, no matter whooooo..."

[8] On that note, don't ask me how much water I've had today.

[9] With soy sauce, with mustard (preferably dijon), with honey and cayenne pepper (my favourite), with Thai chili sauce, with beer (I love cooking anything in beer, actually, since you then have the "excuse" to drink the rest of the bottle), with hoisin sauce, and with apple slices and white wine (OK, I've never done that one - I needed to come up with a seventh - but it sounds kinda good, no?).

[10] Not together! Those are two separate entities. I haven't mastered the art of noodles yet; they scare me.


Ladyjutea said...

You could also resolve to be even cuter this year. Mignon comme un mouton! Booya!


julie said...

Alas, I fear my cuteness is directly linked to my relationship with Randal. Any increase in the cuteness quotient would therefore have to be done via a joint resolution. Which means we'd need to agree on degree of cuteness, wording of the clause, etc. Agreement implying both of us coming to some mutual understanding. And jeez, have you ever seen the two of us try to decide what board game to play?

Rebecca said...

Strangely, I happen to have not only cinnamon sticks, whole cloves and ginger root in my fridge, I also have a jar of Chinese five-spice, which has anise in it. If you ever feel like you need a cooking lesson, I'm only four short hours west of you (that was a not-so-subtle hint)

Will you be gracing us with your presense in Toronto for the OLA?

julie said...

Dang! Forgot about the five-spice - I might even have a jar of that kicking around. I skipped the stick and star anise, though I through in a pinch of ground cinnamon for good luck. It was tasty, though the sesame oil worked up a real stink for a while!

I won't have you over for a cooking lesson, but maybe I'll have you over for a knitting lesson someday. I have many questions. Our spare room is almost ready for guests.

OLA - currently unemployed and unlikely to jump ship from employer less than two weeks after starting if, by some weird occurrence, I should find myself with a job in the next week or so. I wish. I looked at the sessions, and they sound geek- I mean, awesome ;)

julie said...

uhh, that would be "though I THREW in a pinch of ground cinnamon" - dang homonyms!

Robert said...

And here I was expecting one of the New Year's resolutions to be to keep your blog updated on a regular basis. If you think this 'two posts a month' business is going to keep the angry mob placated, you're sorely mistaken, missy! Don't make me get my pitchfork and come up there after you! .. dad's pitchfork! .. Somebody's pointy object, at any rate.

Just don't make us angry!

Waterlily said...

My New Year's Resolution is to refrain from giving any advice. So I won't suggest that you could... oh gee, this is hard to do!