Thursday, August 30, 2007

Business Class, Baby!

We made it to Toronto in one piece, and just for the record, the best part of the trip was, for the 9 1/2 hour Nagoya to San Francisco flight, being upgraded to Business Class. I don't know if I can ever travel with the unwashed Economy Class masses ever again.*

* Proving myself wrong before I even get started, I of course flew Economy Class from San Fran to Toronto, and it was fine. Also, perhaps, more suited to my long-term budgetary prospects.

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David Michels said...

I got bumped up once to "Empress class"...didn't like it. They kept waking me up to wait on me hand and foot. "Sir, do you want a newspaper", "sir, do you want a glass of wine", "sir, a hot towel for your face." I am so NOT upper class. Give me my chips and coke and I'm content. :-)