Monday, March 12, 2007

Last blast?

Winter arrived in Gifu for just under 18 hours last night and this morning.

Midnight (a few hours after I posted the photos yesterday):
Snowy evening
Soudensakaemachi never looked so snowy!

Then, to prove for once and for all that I'm a bit of a nerd (or do I mean a loser?), I set my alarm for 6:10 - a full hour and a half earlier than I need to get up - so that I could take some pictures of snow before it was all melted away (as I was sure would happen):
Real snow!
Early bird gets the snow.

Even at that early hour, it was warm enough for me to stand out on my balcony in PJs and bare feet to take the picture. And I have to say, the snow made north-end Gifu look almost pretty :)

I went back to bed and can reassure you that at 8:00 that same morning, when I checked on the snow's progress, it was already steadily melting. I then took a picture of my favourite mountain, since it was looking plenty cool:
Kinka-zan in Snow and The Disappearance of Gifu Castle
Mt. Kinka In Snow and The Disappearance of Gifu Castle. Authorities are investigating.

I tried to convince Randal that he should call in sick and go snowboarding on Kinka-zan (nuts to this driving two hours just to find a hill with some snow on it).

Some flurries as I got ready for work, but by the time I was cycling to school at 9:15, I was glad I had peed before leaving, since I was accompanied by the steady rushing drip-drip sound of rapid melting. It snowed a few more times over the morning, but by noon (when I was set to head out with my camera to capture some real flaky goodness), the snow was gone entirely, leaving only giant puddles. And lovely memories. And purdy pictures.

With any luck, this may be the last time I blog about snow (or, more usually, the lack thereof) in Gifu. However, as we're headed to Hokkaido in just over 2 weeks, and I've been informed by none other than Elliott* that he was woken up yet again at 5:30 in the morning by a snowplow this morning after yet another heavy snowfall, it might not be the last time I blog about snow.**

* Who, incidentally, isn't going to be in Hokkaido when we go to visit him, the meanie that he is.

** Though, strangely, Simon, who will be in Hokkaido when we go to visit him, says that things have been rapidly melting in his neck of the Hokkaido woods. He lives northeast(ish) of Sapporo, while Elliott lives further south, so perhaps Elliott is (as he is wont) just trying to cause trouble.


Mark Reynolds said...

It feels strange to write this, given that I live in "The City that Invented Christmas (TM)" but it is 14 degrees here right now, and will hit 17 by the end of the week.
I was in the deepest depths of the Black Forest this week, and the cuckoo-clock-custodian there told me that normally they'd have three metres of snow at this time of year, whereas there was nary a flake to be seen.

Waterlily said...

Come to Thornhill. I think that I saw a castle in the back yard, between two snowbanks.

Eriotto said...

Ohmygod stop blogging about snow!!! I hate it so much!!!!!! I couldn't even open my door this morning because of it!! I don't want to see it when I read your blog too!!! *waves fist around in the air wildly*