Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Back to the Winter

Not starring Michael J. Fox, but Julie and Randal, and, of course, Simon, the Original Homie in Hokkaido.

We're headed to Hokkaido tomorrow night, and will be back in Gifu Tuesday evening.

Here, the weather has been lovely and mild as can be (with the exception of yesterday, which was chilly and damp as all hell*). Our temperatures are ranging in the 10-20 degree range. In Sapporo? Temperatures continue to hover around 0. Yikes. So I guess I'll pack my momohiki. You know, if I ever get around to packing. What's the rush? I still have exactly 24hours left (no minutes, no seconds).

* Yes, I realize hell tends to be neither chilly nor damp, even on the best of days.

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