Friday, December 08, 2006

Where have all the bats gone?

Bats hanging out in a cave in Malaysia (pic from my 2004 trip).

I have noticed in the last week or two, that the bats, normally so prevalent in this area, seem to have disappeared. At first I thought it was just that I was leaving school later or something, and so the bats had already retired for the night. But tonight, as I was walking home at dusk, prime-time for bats, through a previously bat-infested neighbourhood, I confirmed the apparently complete absence of bats.

Any chiropterists amongst my readership?

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googlewump said...

Did you ever find out the kanji for "Hardware store"? You missed the perfect chance to revitalize 'konshū no nihon-go' with that knowledge!

Did Mom tell you she not only called Jerome, but that he actually picked up the phone? It was a momentous occasion, to be sure. He's been avoiding her for so long, however, that he failed to recognize his mother's voice (which is perhaps the very reason he revealed himself in the first place; sloppy, sloppy!)