Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Photoblog #2

This past Saturday, Randal and I went to Gifu Nourin, the local agricultural high school in Kitagata-cho, to see their school festival.

Gifu Nourin Agricultural High School Festival

The taiko drummers were happy enough.


That's because they didn't see the giant katamari rolling its way into their lives.

i (heart) katamari!

We fled through this auspicious-looking archway.


But while taking shelter, I accidentally touched the dial on this machine.

what's that flashing???

Randal shrank.

honey, i shrank the randal!

And I became a duck.


All in all, it was a strange day.

1 comment:

jerome said...

That's what happens when you turn 30! The duck phase does wear off though...

Happy Birthday!
(in Japan-time)