Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Pictures, pictures, rah rah rah

Tonight was strictly labelled as one to be spent cleaning the dump that I call my apartment. I have dishes outstanding from last week. I have travel brochures and items from our trip to Hiroshima almost two weeks ago. I have unfolded laundry from last Thursday sitting in a pile in my futon closet. I have a futon loosely folded on the floor for the past EON since I have aforementioned laundry in the futon closet (and other junk too).

So, um, instead, I spent the evening eating my dinner (edamame (salty peas in a pod) and unagi on rice (barbecue eel) for like two hours, then I surfed the web at random, then I spent the last hour and a half posting pictures on my Flickr site. From the Bunkasai in early September, the Cultural and Sports Festival. It was lots of fun.

Now, I am going to cap the night off in perfect lazy fashion - start a new garbage bag for some of the junk that has been stinking up my kitchen, then make a nice steaming mug of Milo and drink it in bed while munching on two Japanese Oleo cookies (I promise I won't make any crumbs - that would be too yucky). I'm exhausted from all this non-cleaning procrastination!

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